The most serious potential risk is the development of gall stones and an inflamed gall bladder requiring surgery.Overweight people already have a higher incidence of gall bladder disease, often without symptoms.  Rapid weight loss may lead to the clinical appearance of previously undiagnosed gallstones or the development of new stones, which might require surgical removal in up to 2% of patients.  Fortunately, ursodiol, a medication which will be prescribed, is very effective in reducing the risk of gallstones.

A change in bowel habit may occur.   Adding fiber laxatives usually helps.

Blood tests are performed every two weeks. Elevated liver blood test results may occur in a minority of patients, typically those with underlying fatty liver. These tests are followed closely until they normalize.

Other potential temporary side effects include sensitivity to cold, dry skin, rash, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, bad breath, change in menstrual patterns, and mild temporary hair loss that re-grows after the period of dieting.

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