How much does the Medical Nutrition Program cost?

An initial evaluation with our physician is required prior to beginning your weight loss program. At that time, your medical condition will be assessed, your “goal weight” will be determined, and the appropriate program option will be selected.

  • History and physical examination with our board-certified internal medicine specialist           FEE: $175
  • Baseline laboratory blood tests will be ordered at your outside commercial lab
  • EKG       FEE: $25, if required

Recent test and EKG results from may be honored and credited to you.


Patients are maintained on dietary meal replacements provided by Medical Nutrition Program until goal weight is achieved. During this time, patients receive:

  • Dietary meal replacements (Health One) to be taken four times daily
    • Your food, included in the monthly fee, is about $12 per day for the First Step program. Since most people spend more than this now, this program is an overall savings!
  • Weekly physician visits by telephone or in-person
  • Weekly one-hour behavioral therapy sessions managed by our registered dietitian and health coach via Zoom
  • Shaker and tote-bag

FEE: $624 every 4 weeks, that is only $280 for professional services plus about $12 per day for all of your food)                                                                                                                                    

Note that you may need to purchase extra meal replacements if your protein requirement  is higher, based upon your weight.

Your medical insurance may cover a portion of these costs, please check with your carrier. Patients are often able to discontinue costly medications as they lose weight, another cost savings.


Patients are maintained on dietary meal replacements and one calorie-controlled meal. Food preparation of the meal is under the guidance of our registered dietitian and is the responsibility of the patient. During this time, patients receive:

  • Dietary supplement (Health One) to be taken two-three times daily
  • Weekly telephone visits with physician
  • Weekly sessions with our registered dietitian and certified fitness instructor
  • Shaker

FEE: $425 every 4 weeks ($210 for professional services plus a little more than $6 per day for 3 meal replacements per day)


The Weight Maintenance Program is strongly encouraged for all patients for a minimum of one year. Based on our own experience and that of others, patients who actively participate in an ongoing maintenance program are much more successful in sustaining their weight loss.

  • Weekly sessions with our registered dietitian.
  • Monthly telephone visit with physician

FEE: $420 every 12 weeks

Patients who maintain a reasonable weight, who attend regularly and keep a calorie and exercise log will earn a rebate of up to $140 every 12 weeks, after the initial 24 weeks, totaling $280


Diagnosis and Procedure Codes

We will provide you with an itemized invoice with specific diagnosis and procedure codes that your insurance company will use to decide if they will cover any portion of your treatment.

Examples of diagnosis codes that might apply to you:
E66.9    (Obesity)
E66.3    (Overweight)
E66.01  (Extreme obesity)

Your specific medical diagnosis codes are also included, the most common are:
I10         (Hypertension)
E78.5    (Hyperlipidemia)
E11.9     (Diabetes)
K76.0    (Fatty liver)
G47.30  (Sleep apnea)

Procedure codes:
99204   (Comprehensive Initial Evaluation)
99213    (Office visit)
97804   (Nutritional counseling)
80053   (Lab tests)
99070   (Nutritional supplements)

Unfortunately, insurance companies commonly deny coverage for treatment of unhealthy weight.

We do not bill insurance companies directly.
We have ‘opted out’ of Medicare.

We are a physician supervised weight loss program and medical diet program serving clients serious about losing weight and keeping it off in Northern California and the south San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister, Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Milpitas, Fremont, and Santa Cruz.