How Do I Choose the Best Diet Clinic in San Jose?

If you are looking for the best diet clinic in San Jose, you need to consider the following factors in making  your decision.  Choosing a diet program that does not suit your individual needs will only result in frustration and wasted time and money.  These factors are important to finding the program for you.

1.  Physician supervised programs:  You want a diet program that is supervised by board-certified physician because your health is what matters most. When you are losing weight, your medication requirements often change. Often regular laboratory blood tests are required to monitor your progress carefully. Only trust a physician experienced in helping patients lose weight.

2. Meeting with Professional Licensed Counselors: Most people recognize it is not true hunger that causes them to overeat, it is just not as simple as that. We eat when we are happy or sad, busy or bored, mad or glad. We eat because something is eating at us. We eat because we think it makes us feel better, whereas it often makes us feel worse. Understanding why we eat is key to overcoming our harmful behaviors. Many programs use people who have graduated from the program. They may be helpful but not trained in understanding emotional issues. Professional licensed counselors have the tools to help you make meaningful changes in your relationship with food.

3. Registered dietitians: We are not talking about ‘nutritionists’ who often do not have specialized training. You want a registered dietitian, who has a university degree and a license in diet and nutrition. Learning what to eat from an experienced professional is what a diet clinic is about.

4. Certified fitness instructors: Physical activity is important to lose weight and to keep it off. Individualized exercise programs by trained instructors will motivate you and keep you injury free.

Metabolic Nutrition Program is proud to have all of these elements and is the best diet clinic in San Jose and the south bay area.

Please call us for more information at (408) 370-1100.

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